6 Simple and Easy Ways to Do Laundry While Traveling

6 Simple and Easy Ways to Do Laundry While Traveling

Travel is an exhilarating experience that frees us from the daily grind. Yet, one routine task often follows us on our travels: doing laundry. Managing your laundry while traveling can seem daunting, but with the right strategies, it can become a breeze. Here are some hassle-free ways to tackle laundry on your journeys:


6 Easy Ways to Do Laundry While Traveling 

1. Pack Smart

Smart packing is the first step in handling laundry while traveling. Choose clothes made of quick-drying materials, like synthetics or merino wool, which can be easily washed and dried overnight. Also, pack items that can be worn multiple times and paired differently for new outfits. With careful outfit planning, you can significantly reduce your laundry volume during travel.

2. Portable Laundry Tools

Equip yourself with travel-friendly laundry tools. Lightweight items like sink stoppers and inflatable hangers are easy to pack. Travel-size detergent or laundry soap sheets are compact and won't bother airport security. A universal sink plug is an underrated necessity, as not all accommodations provide one.

3. DIY Laundry

Doing your laundry is an achievable task, even when you're traveling. For quick, washing clothes while traveling, your hotel sink or bathtub comes in handy. Fill it with warm water and a bit of detergent, then scrub your clothes. After a thorough rinse, gently squeeze out excess water. For larger items or bulk washing, consider a portable wash bag such as Scrubber.

4. Use Local Services

If doing laundry while traveling isn't your thing, local laundromats or professional laundry services can come to your rescue. Many accommodations, including hotels and hostels, offer laundry services for a nominal fee. While this option is slightly more costly, it provides more leisure time and less laundry stress.

5. Travel Clothesline

A compact travel clothesline, particularly a bungee-style one that doesn't require clothespins, is a practical tool. It lets you hang your washed clothes anywhere, from your hotel bathroom to a sunny outdoor spot. This way, your clothes dry faster and with fewer wrinkles, ready for your next adventure.

6. Refresh, Not Wash

Every piece of worn clothing doesn't always need an immediate wash. Items like jeans, sweaters, and jackets can be used several times before washing. For a quick refresh or light soiling, a fabric freshener spray is handy. This not only extends the wear of your clothes between washes but also lessens your overall laundry load.


Doing laundry during travel doesn't have to mean lugging around bags of dirty clothes or wasting precious exploration time. With pre-trip preparation and smart choices, you can keep your clothes clean and fresh with minimal effort. These easy-to-implement strategies allow you to focus on what truly matters – the joy of traveling and the memories you make along the way. Bon voyage!

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